Navy Blue Waves Shoulder Marks


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  • Shoulder marks dimensions: 8.5 cm * 4.2 cm
  • High definition woven monochromatic background (bright red, navy blue, and black)
  • High definition woven designs and logo in gold
  • Golden merrowed edge
  • Shoulder marks are attached to the T-shirt using Velcro and are interchangeable to create a different look
  • Remove the shoulder marks before washing the T-shirt
  • Keep away from excessive heat
  • Shoulder marks are exclusively sold in pairs

In stock


Shoulder Marks are designed with a specific idea: the one who wears the Swans & Soldiers accessory feels like an urban soldier ready to bravely face the everyday, but with a touch of originality.

The original design is inspired by military markings. We offer different combinations decorated with stars, stripes, edges and our logo.

With an original accessory, a quality designed shirt becomes a sought-after piece.

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