Shoulder Marks


What is your Mark

Designed with a specific idea: that the one who wears the Swans & Soldiers accessory feels like an urban soldier ready to bravely face the everyday, but with a touch of originality. The original design is inspired with military markings. We offer different combinations decorated with stars, stripes and our logo (feather and handgun). A monochrome base and golden weave to highlight the design of the brand.

Primary colors (bright red, navy blue, and black) can be matched with colors of shirts. Shoulder marks are attached to shirts using velcro and therefore can be changed each time creating a different look.

With an original accessory, a quality designed shirt becomes a sought-after piece. In addition to the marks resembling the military ones, we have good news for all soccer fans: During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Swans & Soldiers shoulder marks transform into flags of some of the participating nations.

The dimensions of the flag (8.5 cm * 4.2 cm) are small enough to keep it discreet, but also large enough to celebrate the colors of your team. If soccer is not your cup of tea but you have other passions and interests for other events … visit our website and you might find something that suits you.

Be brave and express yourself with shoulder marks designed for Swans & Soldiers.