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Symbol of ease, elegance, passion: feathers are often a part of decorations, protect us from cold and decorate our clothes.

Apart from it being a personal passion of the designer, the inspiration for using feathers as an undisputed part of Swans & Soldiers brand was born from the desire to give the woman an originality hallmark but also the choice to wear these feathers in an elegant or informal context. Black rooster feathers fringe with a magnificent green shine may give a dash of elegance or a “born to be wild” note. Possible imperfections of feathers should be attributed to the fact that feathers are natural, therefore each feather is different from the other, and so is every shirt. The white feathers of marabou style are designed to create the effect of softness and lightness. Fairly thick snow white feather fringes give a touch of romance and beauty to those who wear them.

Last but not least, very short pheasant feathers combined with warm colors of camouflage dessert give you a sparkling look of a tourist for warm and exotic destinations. A soft, monochrome and camouflage top is designed as a support for feathers being the main protagonists expressing the essence of your deepest self.

Play by changing removable feathers on your top. Combine different colors, white with black, woodland with white feathers, black top with beige feathers. Take your feathers downtown, to a disco, to a gala, to your own wedding or beach vacation. All feathers have successfully passed the stress test. They were exposed to the strong winds of the Greek islands and the humidity of Australian rainforests. They have traveled in suitcases and beach bags, they have been worn under jackets and pullovers.

IMPORTANT: separate the feathers during transport in a suitcase or fold the top for protection.